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My 2 and a half year old daughter was a picky eater.

No matter what I did, she'd refuse to eat.

I made all her food from scratch, all organic, even created puréed fruit and vege popsicles, yada yada....I was going spare.

My best efforts were swiftly and decidedly spurned.

I decided I needed to study the enemy....figure out her game...this cut deep.

It felt personal.

I took her grocery shopping. As I was wheeling her stroller along the fruit and veg aisle, I had a phone call.

Momentarily distracted, I did not notice that little madam had 'helped herself' to some avocados which had been on a shelf within reach. She was now smashing both of them together happily and making them 'talk'. She'd even begun to suck on one of them, skin and all. Her tiny teeth leaving puncture marks...

Concerned that the supermarket staff would have something to say about this avocado vandalism, I rushed to pay for it and get out of there.

On the way home, she'd managed to bite the top of one off, 'paint' the insides of her stroller (and most of her face) and was happily munching away with a strangely jubilant expression. It was the most I'd ever seen her eat.

Why was the avocado accepted?

Because SHE had picked it for herself. She just wanted to be the boss of her own eating. That day I learned the lesson of giving my kids enough (strategically orchestrated, of course) opportunities to lead/make choices for themselves.

Thank goodness I didn't take that call in the alcohol section!

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John Lindsey
John Lindsey

Great stuff Mel !!!

Mel Schmitz
Mel Schmitz

Thanks John- Glad you liked it! :)

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