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Sometimes we find ourselves confronted with relearning an old skill. This can be tricky.

Can we still do it?

As a kid, I loved to cook. I learned early. I was a 9 year old, gas-stove pro. The fire, the gas cylinder, the click-click sound at ignition, the blue flames, the hush-hush sound of the fire, the blurry bits near the flames... all of it.

Totally at ease. Me and my kuali (a big wok). Together, we made many a scrumptious meal.

Recently on holiday I became reacquainted with the gas stove. The holiday home we were renting had one. I hadn't used one in years:

My first thought? Panic. A wee bit of apprehension...I briefly considered a menu that would circumvent the need for a stove completely (if I could forgo my cups of tea and just bake all our meals in the oven).

I gingerly experimented with the stove...the darn thing wouldn't start.

Was the gas empty? Was I doing it wrong? What was wrong with me?!

Then I remembered my favourite hack for dealing with moments like this: I channeled the 'me' of my past...the one who had done this many times before.

If 9-year-old me could, then middle-aged me would be able to as well!

Time can change one's perspective and comfort level with certain tasks.

I'm reminded of a conversation I'd had with a couple of grandmothers recently. Both had found themselves unexpectedly cast in the roles of 'parent' to their grandkids.

'Life throws you curveballs sometimes' one of them had wryly remarked. Neither had thought they would be 'parenting' again, at this stage in their lives.

'I am a GRAND parent,' the other told me. 'Too grand to worry about what other people think this time around. I've been here before. But this Internet business makes things harder than in the old days...young people care about it in a way I cannot understand.'

If you are a GRAND parent, currently active in the parenting trenches for whatever reason, I see you. I honour you. You are fire.

AND big props to anyone else stepping into this role for whatever reason- loss, foster care, mental health, step-parenting, health, adoption, marriage....

Remember to tap those great resources inside you. Focus on those instances in your past where you were able to harness the strength/skill you most need now.

Remember your strengths. Remember those wins.

It's courage currency.

Be rich.

In fact, be a flipping squillionaire!

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Karen Summerville
Karen Summerville

What a timely piece for me! I have just become a grandmother -- One week ago today.

I don't anticipate parenting my little granddaughter, but I do know that this new role will require a lot of courage as I step into this new role! Hugs! Karen

Mel Schmitz
Mel Schmitz

Congratulations Karen- you’ve got this I know,

Can’t wait to hear your stories as the tiny one grows!!

Much love I’m sending you from way across the pond:

Sorry it took me so long to respond 🙈!!

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