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Don't give a cluck!

I’m a deeply flawed human, this I must confess:

Just look at me and you will see: I am a glorious mess!

And like a piggy rolled in mud, I’ve learnt that mess' alright-

It’s reflective of a reality- makes no sense to fight!

Instead, I choose to be both vulnerable and free,

And surround myself with others who see the real messed-up me-

Because this perspective-I’ve realised- is so crucial to give

Myself AND my kids permission, to unapologetically live-

For our messy human condition, all this glorious muck,

Can’t harm us if we learn the art of simply not giving a cluck!

Do pardon the use of chicken language please. (Used in the name of poetic necessity.)

Disclaimer: It is a blessing to be living in a place where one can truly be one's self. Sadly, this is not true for everyone in every country on this planet. We owe it to the next generation to make this world a more inclusive space for everyone.

What do our kids need most so they feel truly comfortable and free to be their authentic selves?

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John Lindsey
John Lindsey

Cluck Yeah Mel !!!! As usual, true!!!


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