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One cannot really CHANGE the actions of others-

(An uncomfortable truth for us fathers and mothers;)

We wonder why aren’t there quick strategies or tricks

That can get our kids moving, or somehow fix

Outbursts, disrespect or addictions so strong?

Sometimes we may wonder how it all went so wrong…

Patience. Thing is, these seeds that we sow

Might not always bear fruit (or need ages to grow)-

The only REAL change we can consciously affect

Is the change in ourselves: how we perceive and reflect

On our OWN messaging, our beliefs and our actions-

Might these play a role in our children’s reactions?

Might a ‘default setting’ of how WE choose to speak

Be the barrier to the change we so earnestly seek?

Do the words that we use match our own daily actions?

Might our kids be getting mixed messaging from our reactions?

Ah! this parenting business is a tough, tough road-

We’ve all been crushed by that emotional load…

But take heart fellow parent, SOME change we can make-

That can lead to the path that we’re all meant to take

Even the smallest of changes can start a ripple effect:

It’s OUR beliefs, words and actions we must bravely inspect.

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