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Durian Wisdom

It has evacuated buildings.

Stopped flights.

Brought out bomb diffusing teams.


....and it is a fruit.


Dangerously prickly on the outside but housing a sweet, creamy fruit on the inside.

World famous.....or (depending on whom you ask)....infamous.

Not something to everyone's taste, but for true fans, there's nothing better.

Kids can be like durians sometimes too:




Not for everyone

Hiding absolute soft, creamy, sweet goodness inside (if you're a durian fan, that is 😉)

But unlike durians, getting past that tough, prickly exterior can be a tricky business not easily accomplished by force.

Listening closely to your kids in the good times is an important way to get in on the 'durian times.'

If you're currently parenting a teenager, chances are, you might know these prickly moments well...

How do you best show your little stinker(s) that you're really listening?

Do you find it useful to schedule and carve out regular quality time with your kid(s)?

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