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Classroom Psychology 101: Disruptors

My kids (then aged 7 &10) were having a conversation.

I was thankful they were loud enough so I could enjoy this gem:

My daughter: It's so annoying. I'm sitting next to the absolute WORSTboy in class. It's impossible to read or do anything! He talks non-stop. Or he passes notes. One minute he's picking his nose, next he's eating it, then he wants to borrow my pencils.....ugh....

My son: Ah...I know these kinds. We have them in my class too. The disruptors.

My daughter: How do you get them to stop? Or get them to just pay attention so you can learn? It's so annoying. I can't think!

My son: Oh you can't. Even the teachers can't. I've been watching them. They've all got their tricks...

My daughter: Tricks? Like what? What do you mean?

My son: Well, there are 3 main types of disruptors...

The first has lots of friends cos they're great suck-ups. When they get into trouble for disrupting anything, they get their crew of friends to help them out. They are usually so good at sucking up that the teacher is nicer to them too!

The second type just have super thick skin. They don't care what anyone says, and just do whatever they like, and too bad if it disturbs anyone. They don't mind if they are loners. They make a show of collecting reflection sheets...they've gotten into so much trouble that they think it's their job.

The third get into trouble for disrupting just so they can make everything into a big joke. These are the performers. The class clowns. They live for the show. I sometimes wonder if they do this to get laughs and be popular....the classroom is their stage...

My daughter: (nodding as she recites...) Suck up, loner, performer. Got it. Now, how do I stop the boy next to me from eating his boogers?

My son: (in a serious voice) Let me think on that and get back to you, with a game plan, OK?

My daughter: (happily) OK!!

Me: 🤭

Kids. Deeper than we'd imagine. And if you think they don't have us ADULTS pegged, you're wrong!

As one of my students remarked many years ago "we can spot a fake a mile off."

Have you got a story about this fabulous kid radar system? Ever wondered what they think of us?

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