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Momlife confessions 101

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

You know, being vulnerable is no fun,

Though I’ve heard it helps one to grow:

My every instinct tells me ‘just run!

Don’t put your stories on virtual show!'

See, I’m a private kinda girl,

I wonder, why should anyone care

About what’s happening in my world?

Is anyone reading this out there?

But my better demons tell me,

“There are so many in this boat

Share your fails, your rhymes, your stories

They might help keep someone afloat!

If you want to build connection,

Then vulnerable you MUST be,

No one ever connects with ‘perfection’”

(Good thing that’s never been me!)

And so I’m venturing out of my cave,

Welcome to the first blog I’ve ever written,

Done in rhyme, of course, ‘cause that’s my fave,

I hope by now you’re just smitten…

By the uniqueness of a conversation in verse,

To me, it’s like music on tape:

Here I plan to share my parenting traverse,

(And some stories come in rhyme-shape!)

Welcome dear reader (yes, I mean YOU!)

Thanks for your time, your eyeballs and chuckles.

I hope you’ll join me on this ride-

Hold on tight, lest that seat belt unbuckles!!!

Are there parenting topics or rhymes that you’d like to read about? Let me know- I’d love to hear from you.

And in case this question was on your mind…

Nope, I don’t rhyme ALL of the time 🤪

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